In 2020, Lucas founded the Basel-based dance company del Rio to bring his own creations and collaborations to life. His choreographic work is characterised by a profound exploration of movement. Within this exploration, he integrates elements of contemporary dance as well as breaking and hip-hop, developing them into a poetic-dynamic movement language. His artistic creations are deeply influenced by his passion for the inner dimensions of the human being. Beyond choreographic works, the company is committed to developing workshops and other offerings to support dancers in their personal growth.

“He aquí mi secreto.
Es muy simple: no se ve bien sino con el corazón.
Lo esencial es invisible a los ojos.”

(“Here is my secret.
It’s very simple: you can only truly see with your heart;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”)

‘El Principito’/’The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Achievements / AWARDS

Newcomer-Award at the 26. Oltner Tanztage in Olten, Switzerland

Swiss Tour ‘Tanzfaktor 2022’ with «Search» choreography

Three-year grant ‘Szenotop’ by Aargauer Kuratorium & Kurtheater Baden, as part of the PR·SMA collective (Elena Morena Weber, Lucas del Rio, Luca Magni) Lucas participated for one year.

«Simplexity» choreography receives recognition from the Burgos-New York International Choreography Contest 2021

Establishment of ‘the movement spot’ in Basel, Switzerland – a 600 m2 center for movement, education and hip-hop arts (Co-Founder, Co-Director)