We are thrilled to announce a project that holds a special place in our hearts: ‘Insights from Injuries’ (working title), the upcoming book by Lucas and Tashina. This book brings together the most insightful ideas from their personal experiences with injuries.

Learning and growing from injuries and bodily challenges has been a significant and ongoing aspect of their lives. Tashina has been navigating this journey since she was six years old, following an arm disability caused by an accident. Lucas has faced his own set of challenges starting in his teenage years, which included numerous physical obstacles and five surgeries throughout his career as a movement practitioner and dancer. Harvesting the learnings and insights from these experiences has enriched their lives with invaluable wisdom and perspective.

Publication is planned for 2024/25.

About Tashina: Tashina was born in Basel in 1997. Very early in her childhood she had to deal with different kinds of movement and body therapies, due to a great interest and a physical disability following an accident. In 2016 she started to train in the field of body and movement therapy and since then she has attended various international and national trainings in the field of movement therapy, trauma work & energy work. She has been running her practice in Basel since 2019 and accompanies people individually or in a group context. Since a young age, Tashina has had a great fascination for books of all kinds. In her youth, a time of searching and questioning life deeply, she encountered poetry and prose. This art form has accompanied her closely ever since and has also ignited her own passion for writing. Tashina writes poetry and short essays and is currently working on her own book of poetry, as well as other book projects in collaboration with other artists. www.tashinaviola.com