fragmentos EP
a visual/danced EP

I was interested in creating a work composed of fragments, with multiple changes in contrasting scenes, music, and moods. The notion of fragments was inspired by the structure of a musical EP. In music, an EP is longer than a Single but shorter than an album (LP/Long Play). I wondered, what would a danced EP look like?

fragmentos EP:
1. Intro: gloria (glory)
2. fuego (fire)
3. Interludio: lluvia (rain)
4. disonancia pt.1 (dissonance pt. 1)
5. disonancia pt. 2 (dissonance pt. 2)
6. a través de mí (through me)

duration: 11:10 min.

Mara Barbini, Lorenzo Capecci, Marie da Silva, Coko De Windt, Antonija Dimitrievska, René Fiorella, Mya Flieger, Lucie Froehlich, Tommy Heeffer, Alissa Kouzmenkov, Océane Lhomme, Angelina Pico, Bas van der Meulen, Ricardo Vasquez

Lucas del Rio

29. June 2023
30. June 2023
01. July 2023
Theater der Künste, Zürich/CH

Sunday Service Choir: “Rain”, “Paradise”
Michael Oliver: “pura alegria”
PY X TS: “Fall on your knees”
Jóhann Jóhannsson: “Dr. Wang”
Alan Gregory Isakov: “The trapeze swinger”

musical assistance / composition:
Gabriel Mareque

Karisma Costumes

Commissioned by Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) for BA Contemporary Dance programme

photos by Andreas J. Etter