There are questions we ask as human beings that seem to remain unanswered even after years of asking the same question repeatedly. By asking those questions, we embark on a journey – the ‘search’ for something. Although we are searching, sometimes or often answers remain unanswered. This piece is a visual and felt embodiment of that journey: the incessant search we human beings seem to be on during all our lives. May this piece then invite you to embark on that journey with us and bring you closer yet again to the questions you are asking yourself repeatedly.

After a 15 day research and creation time, the result has been presented in the frame of Lucas’ Master Dance – Choreography graduation work at Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK). “Search” received the highest grade by the school.

Through the interplay of dance, light and music, Lucas builds images on stage that are able to captivate the audience sensually and reflect on their own worlds.
– Prof. Dr. Friederike Lampert, Professor for Choreography

‘Search’ was selected for the Swiss Tour Tanzfaktor 2022.  More infos here. Tour dates:

28. & 29.1.2022, Fabriktheater Zürich
9.4.2022, Théâtre Nuithonie, Villars-sur-Glâne
25.5.2022, LAC Lugano
16.9.2022, Südpol Luzern
24.9.2022, Centre culturel régional de Delémont/ Évidanse
30.9.2022, TLH – Sierre
20. & 21.10.2022, Théâtre Saint-Gervais Genf
18.11.2022, Tanz in Olten
25 & 26.11.2022, Bühne Aarau

Choreography: Lucas del Rio Estévez and dancers / Dance: Diego de la Rosa, Elena Morena Weber, Nadika Mohn, Toschkin Schalnich / Music: Kimyan Law – “Krieg” & “Chai”; Vanbur – “Falling Colour” Music arranged by Luca Magni / Costumes: Ben Vorhaar & Sabrina Zyla (Karisma Costumes)

Presentations: 17. & 18. April 2021, Theater der Künste, Zürich