Lecturing, Teaching & Talks

My capacity for personal growth is my greatest asset on a meaningful, successful, and fulfilling journey as both a creative and a human being. Throughout my unconventional journey I delved deeply into topics such as purpose, resilience, success, talent, motivation, fears, inspiration, creativity, intelligence, self-awareness, and more. I began this exploration at the age of 19, and it has now been 16 years of continuous study and practice that has become very dear to my heart. I blend philosophy, psychology and spirituality to seek and find understanding and to cultivate wisdom.

These are my current areas of focus in lecturing, teaching and speaking:

  • Personal Growth (basics and advanced): A lifelong process of cultivating self-awareness and behavioural, emotional and mental patterns towards self-realisation and inner freedom. It is not about being better, faster or more ‘successful’, but more fulfilled, authentic and free. I focus on universal principles and wisdom, and on sharing stories from inspiring people. The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the fascinating field of personal growth and to know how to apply it to one’s own life.
  • Injury Resilience: Insights into learning and growing from injury, fostering resilience (Resilience: the inner strength and resources to learn and grow from challenges).

English, German, Spanish

Further information coming soon. For requests: lucas[at]delrio.ch


During your individual sessions we will dive into your personal growth topics that you want to work on.

Popular topics: purpose, success, motivation, fears, resilience, self-awareness, spirituality.

Further information coming soon. For requests: lucas[at]delrio.ch