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Author: Lucas del Rio Estévez
Language: English
Pages: 66
Publication: June 2024
Edition: 1st Edition
Product type: eBook (PDF)


Lucas del Rio, a former B-Boy and now a choreographer and personal growth educator, brings over a decade of experience dealing with injuries in the professional dance world. In this e-book, Lucas distills essential ideas and principles that have not only shaped his journey through numerous bodily challenges, including three surgeries on his hips and two on his knee, but have also proven to be valuable life lessons beyond injury recovery.

Aimed at enriching your perspective, Lucas speaks about topics such as self-awareness, body-awareness, fear & love, holistic training, the difference between ‘hard-work’ and ‘heart-work’, and the cultivation of wisdom.

Ideas can enslave or liberate us. – By questioning and enriching the ideas we hold about injuries, about the body and about ourselves, we can discover new or hidden potentials and possibilities that extend beyond physical recovery.